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 Horizontal Navbar links $50 
 Social Networking Buttons $40 
 Blog Button W/Grab Box $25 
 Sidebar Profile Picture $25 
 Blog Blinkie Button $30 
 Post Signature $20 
 Post Divider Image $20 
 Custom Post/Sidebar Title Fonts $30 
 Post Title Image $20 
 Sidebar Divider Image $20 
 Sidebar Title Images (up to 6) $50 
 Favicon $20 
 Watermark $35 
 'Pin It' Button $20 
 'Scroll to Top' Widget $20 
 Post Footer Social Buttons $50 
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 Custom Facebook Timeline Cover $35 
 Custom Blog Background $60 
 Custom Blog Header $60 
 Custom High Resolution LOGO $170 
 Custom Etsy Header $35 
 Custom Etsy Avatar $20 
 Custom Twitter Header $35 
 Custom Twitter Background $35 
 Business Card Design $70 
 Custom Youtube Header $35 
 Google Plus Header $35 
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