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(Please choose your package 'extras' from these options or you can  purchase them separately.)
•Horizontal Navbar link bar $30 -Simple text links with coordinating color bar. {Example}
•Horizontal Navbar Buttons $50 -Custom buttons/text links to match your design! {Example}
•Custom Blog Button W/Grab Box $20 -A cute image that others can copy/put on their blogs!  {Example} 
•Sidebar Profile Picture $15
•Custom Blog Blinkie $20 -An animated blog button
•Social Networking Buttons $25 -Cute buttons that link to your social sites! {Example} 
•Custom Sidebar/Post Title Fonts $25 -Uses cute custom fonts instead of standard Blogger fonts for your titles! {Example}
•Custom Post Signature $15 -Your name/or saying that will appear after each blog post. {Example}
•Custom Post Divider $15 -An image that will appear after each blog post. {Example} 
•Custom Sidebar Divider $10 -An image that will appear after each gadget on your sidebar. {Example} 
•Custom Post Title Image $10 -Places little image next to your blog post title! {Example} 
•Custom Favicon $15 - A custom icon that will appear in the window tab {Example}
•Sidebar Title Images (up to 6) $50 -Coordinating buttons for your sidebar titles.  {Example} 
•Custom Watermark $25 - Image for you to 'brand' your photos with. {Example}
•'Pin It' button $15 - adds a Pinterest 'pin it' button to the bottom of each post. {Example}

(These options can be added to your order at the listed prices or purchased separately.)
•Custom Blog Background $50 -A custom background to give your blog some personality!  {Example}
•Custom Blog Header $50 -A custom header designed to your taste by us! {Example}
•Custom Facebook Timeline Cover $35 (cute banner for your facebook page/timeline!) {Example}
•Custom Blog Landing Page $50-A custom welcome page that will direct visitors to your blog. You will need two URLs for this! (blog URL/Landing page URL.)
•Custom High Resolution Logo Design $100 -A custom designed logo for your blog/business etc. {Example}
•Business Card Design (must order logo if you want a logo on your card) $60 {Example}
•Custom Twitter Background $30
•Custom Etsy Banner $30 {Example}
•Custom Etsy Avatar $10

 photo ORDERNOW_zps278a120e.png